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Black Diamond Workforce Housing provides practical equipment rental, lease and service solutions for E&P companies operating throughout northern British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

You can count on our extensive inventory of regularly maintained accommodation, surface and tank farm solutions to be competitively priced, and in top working order.

We offer a broad range of small format surface equipment for your project needs: Generators-400BBL-Tanks-rig-mats.jpg

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Small Format Sales Manager

Get in touch with our Surface Equipment Expert, Stu George, today!

Education & Work Experience
As a Business Development Professional of 20+ years, Stu applies a client focused approach to delivering innovative and dynamic solutions for your individual project needs. Leading the Sales team in the Small Format Division, Stu applies his experience in the oilfields and commercial insight to further the involvement of Black Diamonds capabilities and is always open to new opportunities. Stu provides solutions across a diverse client portfolio that includes Oil and Gas, Construction, Mining, Logging and Renewable companies.  Reach out to Stu today to have a chat about your accommodation or surface rental needs.

Petroleum Engineering Technologist, SAIT 

Jet Powered Flameless Heater

Black Diamond Group has a number of industrial heaters for rent. They are perfect for all your flameless heater needs. This heater uses a patented turbofan jet engine technology to achieve industry leading heating efficiency.


  • >95% heating efficiency
  • Most fuel friendly flameless heater in its class
  • 860,000 –1,400,000 BTU
  • 3.3 –5.3 GPH fuel consumption
  • 200°F temperature rise
  • 3900-7200 CFM
  • over 20” WC pressure
  • Push hot air over 500’
  • 110% containment
  • Less than 10 PPM CO
  • Stand alone unit
  • Three different output settings
  • Easy onboard trouble shooting
  • Rugged design for increased durability
  • Emergency stop switch to operate close to the wellhead


  • Up to 40 hours run time on a single tank of fuel
  • Electronic fault check system
  • Strobe operating light
  • Overspeed shutdowns
  • Constant monitoring of inputs at 200 times a second
  • Trailer hitch 2 5/16” Ball or Pintle
  • Can be removed from the trailer for tight quarters applications
  • Most environmentally friendly heater

Light Tower

Black Diamond has an available inventory of top of the line LED mobile light towers for rent or sale for your next drilling or completions project site. These diesel fuel Generac light towers are self-contained (oil & coolant), and selfstart
at dusk and shut down at dawn.

The LED Mobile Light Towers run on a dual RPM system with an eco speed option, allowing you to burn less fuel and save costs. To save you time, light tower trailers come with a dual hitch system allowing for two units to be towed at once. This allows for quicker delivery time from Black Diamond to you.

The light towers also come with a GPS system which tracks and monitors fuel and maintenance levels allowing us to provide unit maintenance only when required and a lower cost of ownership. With a 533 hour runtime, these LED Mobile Light Towers will keep your project moving, on time and on budget.