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Black Diamond Group offers a growing, well-maintained fleet of high quality equipment and related services to meet industry needs —from start to finish

We specialize in unconventional applications. We provide practical equipment rental, lease and service solutions for E&P companies operating throughout Texas. Our innovative, first-to-market wellsite units and other small format accommodations offer superior features and quality at comparable prices.

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Company Man

  • This unit contains two bedrooms with a shared kitchen and office. 
  • It has a built-in mudroom entrance that keeps the dirty gear of employees out of the living quarters. 
  • These units contain a 2000-gallon potable water system and a 2000-gallon septic system both completely self-contained. 

Double End Wellsites

  • This unit is 2 self-contained housing units. 
  • Each unit is fully equipped and includes its own: 
    • Bathroom
    • Living Area
    • Kitchen 
    • Dishwasher
    • Washer & Dryer
  • These units contain a 2000-gallon potable water system and a 200 gallon septic system both completes self-contained. 

Command Center

This unit contains:
  • Safety/meeting room 
  • 3 offices  
  • Large kitchen area
  • Public bathroom with access directly from the exterior of the building
  • Contains 200-gallon potable water systems 
  • 2000-gallon septic system and are completely self-contained 

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