<b>Temporary Workforce Housing & Lodging</b>

Temporary Workforce Housing & Lodging

Black Diamond Camps & Lodging

Hospitality in the Most Inhospitable Environments

Black Diamond Camps & Lodging has become a leader in providing premium, full-service
remote work accommodations and facilities for one simple reason:
We know how hard it is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere,
miles from friends, family and the comforts of home.

We’ve been there. And we get the importance of inviting, relaxing,
high quality lodges that make workers feel more appreciated and
more at home.

View our products below or contact us for more information on our rental fleet.  
Kitchen Diners

Our kitchen diner complexes offer flexible, functional options to fit the size and needs of your camp. Designed with top-of-the-line, industrial grade appliances to satisfy your crew with the quality meals they want before and after a hard day’s work.
Recreation & Amenities

Fit to purpose recreation complexes offer your workers the perfect place to relax and unwind before and after work. Whether it's blowing off steam in the gym, or kicking back in the rec room, your crew will feel close to home. 


Our dorms ensure quality rest and relaxation because they're designed to minimize noise transfer, and offer private or semi-private washrooms, larger beds, TV and Wifi. Several features and layout options available.

Looking for Used Workforce Accommodations?

We have an inventory of used dormitories and wellsites for sale in Canada.