Temporary Housing Solutions SPSG Camp Fire Lodge

Temporary Housing Solutions SPSG Camp Fire Lodge

Quick Facts

  • Two parallel strips of dorms housing 1,496 beds on 20 acres with exterior perimeter parking
  • Television, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and Private or Jack-and-Jill washrooms in each room
  • Two recreation facilities, a gym, an entertainment room, a large kitchen and a dining facility on site
  • First Place, 2020 Modular Building Institue’s Award of Distinction in the Relocatable – Workforce Housing: over 10,000 sq. Ft category

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Industry: Disaster Recovery
Location: Paradise, California
Building Use: Workforce Housing
Number of Modules: 297
Number of Beds: 1496
Completion Time: Phase One – 68 days

Innovation + Cost Effectiveness

When the town of Paradise, California was ravaged by fire in November 2018, thousands of people were displaced from their homes. The masses of destroyed homes required a large-scale cleanup effort, which was fulfilled by more than 1,500 cleanup crew members. As remediation efforts began in 2019, Black Diamond Group, along with Odin Construction, mobilized nearly 300 modules to create temporary living spaces to accommodate cleanup crews.

Black Diamond Group moved each of the 300 modules from its preexisting Western Canadian inventory across federal and state borders to supply this project. Each module was placed onto blocking, then secured using seismic anchoring – both more efficient and safer than other installation methods. Given the modular nature of this lodge, sections could be decommissioned in response to the client’s demand for accommodation and can even be repurposed for future projects.

Using pre-existing and vacant modules allowed for significant cost savings along with efficient installation. Since the modules we used were part of our preexisting fleet, the project was also environmentally friendly. What’s more is that the continuous construction of this camp did not interrupt the cleanup progress; as each block of three units was installed, crews began occupying the Camp Fire Lodge and got to work.

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