Our Commitment to Health and Safety During a Pandemic

The Health and Safety of our open lodge guests, our employees and our contractors is our top priority. Below are some of the extra measures we have taken in our lodges to ensure they remain safe and healthy spaces for everyone.

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Increased Cleaning Measures

The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased for all guest rooms, public spaces and hard surfaces with the use of approved industrial hospital-grade disinfectants. While we have always kept the rooms and common areas clean and sanitary in our lodges, we have become increasingly aware of their importance on a constant basis.

Social Distancing

‚ÄčIn the Workforce Accommodation industry, we know it can be difficult to enforce social distancing. That’s why we have started marking our common areas with noticeable tape lines and posting reminders in our common areas.

Hand Sanitization

Our hands touch countless surfaces at work every day – door handles, countertops, keyboards, toilet flushing handles – exposing us to viruses and bacteria that put our Health and Safety at risk. It is vital to our health to keep our hands clean, so we have posted several handwashing guidelines and increased the number of hand sanitizer stations in our lodges.

Warm Welcome

A note from Mike Ridley, EVP & COO, Workforce Solutions, is the first thing our Open Lodge guests see when they check in. The Health and Safety of our guests and employees are our top priority so we want our guests to be greeted with reassurance and a collective action plan.

In Our Kitchen

We remain committed to providing our guests and employees with nutritious and fresh meals during the pandemic, even when they’re delivered in takeaway containers. While the salad bars and buffets are no longer self-serve, guests still have access to healthy and balanced meal options.

Around our Lodges

We have posted notices around our lodges to remind our guests, employees and contractors how they can keep themselves and others safe. Simple measures like  social distancing, proper handwashing and covering your cough and sneeze make a world of difference. Posting these memos is just one of the many measures we’re taking to keep us all safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.