<b>Horn River Lodge</b>

Horn River Lodge

A Premiere Open Camp in the Heart of the Horn River Basin

Quick Facts

  • Located at km 89.5 on Komie Road (B-51-K / 94-O-8)
  • Customers only pay for the rooms they book at the Lodge

Flexible Room Rates

Horn River Lodge provides you with the flexibility to only pay for rooms booked, which eliminates the upfront costs, maintenance and liabilities that come with owning and operating your own facility. For a reasonable rate, the Lodge offers all the comforts of home, with all the conveniences of a hotel.

Comforts of Home, Conveniences of a Hotel

Horn River Lodge is located at km 89.5 on Komie Road (B-51-K / 94-O-8), and offers comfortable accommodations and a community setting guests benefit from. Guests can reenergize, rest and relax (watching sports, playing pool or dining with friends) or enjoy down time in private, comfortable, spacious rooms equipped with Wi-Fi.

Rest assured. Rooms are designed with our guests' comfort in mind, complete with sound barriers and double beds to create a more relaxing environment and to aid in a restful sleep. 

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of our open lodge guests, our employees and our contractors is our top priority. Below are some of the extra measures we have taken in our lodges to ensure they remain safe and healthy spaces for everyone.

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Additional Amenities:

  • ATM machines
  • Vending machines
  • Convenience store
  • Parking with plug-ins

Game Room Features:

  • Foosball tables
  • Ping Pong tables
  • Poker tables
  • Pool tables

Black Diamond Dene

Horn River Lodge is operated and partially owned by Black Diamond Dene.

In September 2009, Black Diamond and the Fort Nelson First Nation entered into an exclusive equity-based agreement known as Black Diamond Dene LP. The goal of this business is to provide customers in the Horn River Basin with a quality, competitively-priced product while allowing the Fort Nelson First Nation people an opportunity to participate and benefit in the development of their traditional lands.

Lodge Features

Room Features