Black Diamond Camps & Lodging

A Day in the Life

Black Diamond Camps & Lodging designs accommodations with your crew's health, safety and comfort in mind because we know just how difficult it is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, far from the comforts of home - and happy, healthy employees are productive workers. Our premier facilities feature good food, internet connectivity, quiet and comfortable rooms, recreation and amenities that deliver hospitality in the most inhospitable environments. Welcome your workers to a remote home-away-from-home that feels close to home.

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Here is what a typical day looks like at our lodges.

Check-in at our front reception
Choose from a selection of healthy options in our diner
Connect with family and friends through Skype or Facetime, surf the internet, or relax in your room
Play cards or catch up with friends over a game of pool
Throw some laundry in
Hit the gym for a good workout
Rest assured. Get the quality sleep you need.
Wake up well rested for a productive day on the job
A Camp Isn't Just a Camp